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Ultimate E-book

The Ultimate E-book CD contains 534 different Electronic Books covering a multitude of self-help and educational topics, from beating speeding tickets to beginning your own E-Commerce company. Most of these E-Books open inside their own applications, but some are in PDF (Adobe Acrobat) format, which means Adobe Acrobat Reader must be installed before accessing those e-books. Some of the other E-Book titles include: Chess Trivia, Creating E-Books, Crime, E-Mail Marketing, Fables 2000, Fat Loss 2001, Health, Recipes & You, HTML Guide, Interviews, Learning to Carve, Legal Forms, Quit Smoking, Shoplifter, Self Publishing, Spy Software, and hundreds more.

Ultimate Secrets

This CD contains a giant collection of information, free stuff and fun stuff such as: Earn $60K Fundraising, 3D Graphics, Reports, Screensavers, Animations, MP3 Info, CyberSpy, Hackers, Free Stuff, Mega Info, Wholesalers, Midis, Recipies, Games, HTML Guide, Dropshippers, Baby Names, Graphics, Resell, 90,000 Downloads, 10,000 gamecheats, Consumer Reports, More Free Stuff, 15 hot businesses, 53 Businesses, 65 Reports, Antiques & Collectibles Guide, As Seen On TV, Free Biz Tools, Beanies, Counters, Free E-mail, Excess Goods, Fonts, Freebies, More Hackers, Letters, Get Paid to Shop, Misc, Speed Up Your PC, Powersearch, Compare Prices,

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Mega CD

This CD is very hard to describe since it contains so very much information, graphics, sound files and way too much to mention in this short description. (See Table Of Contents for everything offered)

    CD Table Of Contents

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