CIA World Factbook 2001 - Table Of Contents

This CD-ROM contains extensive and detailed information about the world we live in. The material was originally developed by the U.S. CIA.
Country & Geographic Area Profiles:

Hundreds of profiles, which include an introduction, geography, people, government, economy, communications, transportation, military, and transnational issues for independent countries/states, dependencies and special sovereignties, miscellaneous/other, oceans, and the world.

Maps (in JPG & PDF formats):

Africa, Antartic Region, Artic Region, Asia, Central America and the Caribbean, Europe, Middle East, North America, Oceania, Physical Map of the World, Political Map of the World, South America, Southeast Asia, Standard Time Zones of the World, the United States, and much more.

An Incredible Range of Additional Topics:

Agricultural products, airports, birth rate, climate, coastline, currency, death rate, debt (external), dependency status, dependent areas, diplomatic representation, disputes, economic aid, economy, electricity, elevation extremes, environment, ethnic groups, exchange rates, exports, flags, flag descriptions, GDP, geographic coordinates, geography, government types, HIV/AIDS, heliports, highways, household income or consumption by percentage share, illicit drugs, imports, industrial production growth rate, industries, infant mortality rate, inflation rate, international organization participation, Internet service providers (ISPs), Internet country code, Internet users, irrigated land, labor force, land boundaries, land use, languages, legal syatem, life expectancy at birth, literacy, location, maritime claims, merchant marine, military branches, military expenditures, military manpower, national holidays, nationality, natural hazards, natural resources, net migration rate, pipelines, political parties and leaders, population, ports and harbors, radio broadcast stations, radios, railways, religions, suffrage, telephone systems, television broadcast stations, televisions, terrain, total fertility rate, transportation, unemployment rate, waterways and much more.

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