Internation Space Station Familiarization
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Table Of Contents
Section 1 Introduction to the International Space Station
Section 2 Command and Data Handling Overview
Section 3 Electrical Power System Overview
Section 4 Communication and Tracking Overview
Section 5 Thermal Control System Overview
Section 6 Environmental Control and Life Support System Overview
Section 7 Guidance, Navigation and Control Overview
Section 8 Robotics System Overview
Section 9 Structures and Mechanisms Overview
Section 10 Payloads Overview
Section 11 Extravehicular Activity Overview
Section 12 On-Orbit Maintenance Overview
Section 13 Flight Crew Systems Overview
Section 14 Crew Health Care System
Section 15 ISS Operations and Planning
Appendix A Acronyms
Appendix B Answers
Appendix C ISS Reference Frames
Appendix D Technical Summary Sheet
Appendix E Assembly Sequence Rev. D
Appendix F Station Mission Controller Front Room Positions
Training Materials Evaluation

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