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NASA Congressional Report on Space

This CD explains how our Government and Scientists felt about Space Travel, Rockets, Communications, War from Outer Space and how well developed other countries were back in 1959. This CD is definitely a great reference and read. It is very interesting on what they thought and how it actually is now. This is a "Must Own" for anyone interested in space.

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The Problem With Space Travel

Editorial Comment: This electronic text of The Problem of Space Travel is a rough version that omits numerous illustrations and other items that are included in the published volume. The text for the figures is included in this electronic version so that readers can see where illustrations are supposed to be inserted.

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NASA Drawings

These diagrams should be especially interesting and useful for modelers and other space enthusiasts who want to see "blueprints" of various U.S. piloted spacecraft. Many of the references, from which these diagrams come, are now out of print. (See Table Of Contents for everything offered)

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To provide the student with an orientation of the LM spacecraft. Included will be a brief functional description of each LM operational subsystems to a block diagram level with emphasis on the major signal flow paths.

NASA Mission Transcript Collection (2 CD's)

Aboard every U.S. piloted spacecraft, from Mercury through Apollo, NASA installed tape recorders that captured nearly every word spoken by the astronauts during their history-making flights into space. For the first time ever, NASA has digitally scanned all of the transcripts made from both the onboard tapes and those tape recordings made on the ground from the air-to-ground transmissions and placed them on this two CD-ROM set. Gathered in this special collection are 80 transcripts totaling nearly 45,000 pages of text that cover every US human spaceflight from the first human Mercury mission through the last lunar landing flight of Apollo 17.

Users of this CD will note that the quantity and type of transcripts made for each mission vary. For example, the Mercury flights each had one transcript whereas the Gemini missions produced several. Starting with the Gemini flights, NASA produced a Public Affairs Office (PAO) commentary version, as well as at least one "technical" air-to-ground transcript version, per mission. Most of the Apollo missions produced four transcripts per flight. These included the onboard voice data recorder transcripts made from the Data Storage Equipment (DSE) on the Command Module (CM), and the Data Storage Electronics Assembly (DSEA) onboard the Lunar Module (LM), in addition to the PAO commentary and air-to-ground technical transcripts.

The CD set includes an index listing each transcript file by name. Some of the transcripts include a detailed explanation of their contents and how they were made. Also included in this collection is a listing of all the original air-to-ground audiotapes housed in NASA’s archives from which many of these transcripts were made. We hope you find this collection of transcripts interesting and useful.

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International Space Station Familiarization

The content of this CD was provided by the Space Flight Training Division, Mission Operations Directorate (MOD), Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center (JSC), National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). Technical documentation support was provided by Integrated Documentation Services (IDS), Hernandez Engineering, Inc.

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